Radio ad targets candidate running for Coachella’s city council

Radio ad targets candidate running for Coachella’s city council

Claudia Buccio

“Residents of Coachella don’t let Victor Alcantara deceive you, he is not who he says he is.” This is part of the wording of a radio ad in Spanish that started circulating over the weekend, which was paid for by the Democratic Women of the Desert targets Victor Alcantara, an independent candidate running for Coachella’s city council. The ad says Alcantara received funding from Republicans who support President Donald Trump.

“When they are talking about Republicans giving me money to me and that i follow the republican agenda, it’s a joke, Alcantara said. “Sorry, but it’s not true.”

Their evidence for this claim are some photos of Alcantara with republican candidates, and the fact that he was interviewed by local a conservative newspaper. Alcantara said those photos exist because he met with several candidates and parties to understand how local politics work since this is his first time running for a public office.

“People were coming to me,” Alcantara said. “Politicians tried to support my campaign, and I said no because I want my community to get involved in this process no politicians no corporation money.”

“El Tepeyac” is a local candy store and one of the many small businesses that have endorsed the campaign of Victor Alcantara. The owners, Brenda Flores and Levi Flores, said they heard the ad in the radio, but they will continue to support Victor Alcantara.

“Not only the small businesses but the people themselves are helping him,” Brenda Flores. “And for us to hear that the Republicans are helping him was basically a slap on the face because we are the ones helping him.”

The Democratic Women of the Desert stand by their accusations, but they said that for now, their priority is to get people to vote.

In a statement, the organization said, “The Democratic Women of the Desert support this ad and we will remain vigilant in order to protect our community, defending our rights and the future of our families.”

Alcantara believes in his supporters and said this only made his campaign stronger.

“I want to change the process of elections to be more positive than negative,” Alcantara said.