A Budding Industry: The 420 Lounge Opens in Palm Springs

A Budding Industry: The 420 Lounge Opens in Palm Springs

Daytona Everett

We’ve all heard of cigar lounges and hookah lounges but what about a cannabis lounge? A new business in Palm Springs is busting the top open on the recreational use of marijuana.

The owner of the 420 Lounge, Julie Montanti, has a unique relationship with cannabis.

“I don’t medicate at all,” she said. “I got into this business because my mother had cancer.”

With the help of CBD oils, her mother was able to live a “good life.” That’s why she started a cannabis shop, PSA Organica and now, a lounge.

“It’s a haul, we have to go through city planning and get approvals and applications,” she said. “Here we are today.”

The fully legal lounge is fully equipped with cannabis products.

“Anything of your choosing, we have,” Montanti said.

With a valid ID, a Palm Springs city ordinance protects anyone wanting to smoke a joint or eat an edible recreationally. Montanti installed a special filter that keeps the smell in.

“What happens is the smoke gets caught into the filter, gets winged out and fresh air heads out in a vent outside,” she said.

The sandwich shop next door, On the Mark, doesn’t mind the new business.

“We’ll feed ‘em and she’ll medicate ‘em,” Mark, the owner said.

A soon-to-be Chamber of Commerce member herself, Montanti values the community.

“We also work with Well of the Desert, Desert Aids Project and we support our community 100 percent.”

Allowing her to fulfill her main goal of helping cancer patients like regular customer, John Hogan.

“It’s actually making me feel better,” Hogan said. “I went through radiation much better than the others.”

“Anybody that we’ve healed or is in remission, they saw one bracelet and started with another and another and another,” Montanti said as she pointed to her wrists full of hand-made bracelets. “This is why I’m wearing always bracelets.”

One bracelet means one person healed.

“And it’s legal!” Montanti said with a big smile.

The lounge opened the Thursday before Pride in Palm Springs but plans on having a grand opening in the near future. Additional lounges are started to pop up around the valley, including Cathedral City.