EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Elect Bianco Addresses Former Investigator’s Victims

EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Elect Bianco Addresses Former Investigator’s Victims

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Sheriff-elect Chad Bianco looks closely at documents sent to NBC Palm Springs, “They definitely look real and obviously with parts of it redacted,” he says.

Among them, a list of evidence found at the home of former Sheriff’s Investigator Kevin Duffy.

“It would be inappropriate to comment on anything until I see the complete full document underacted but this definitely appears to be one of our real documents,” says Bianco.

Duffy took his own life after he was accused of molesting boys he was supposed to be mentoring as part of sheriff’s program.

“He starts unbuttoning my pants, I knew what was going to happen but I couldn’t say anything I was just frozen,” said a man, who wished to remain anonymous claiming Duffy molested him.

The nearly ten year old allegations only surfaced after whistleblowers who worked on the case and victims came forward to NBC Palm Springs.

“People need to know the truth about what happened during that investigation,” said a whisleblower and former investigator who claimed he worked on the case, several months back to NBC Palm Springs, who said he did not want anyone to know his identity because he feared for the safety of his family. 

Sheriff Stan Sniff has assured the community through several press releases and interviews they did a thorough job.

Still several current and former employees insist, “That is not true, the investigation team had enough to arrest Kevin Duffy that night and and they were told not to arrest him by sheriff’s admin..” 

Bianco did address the victims who came forward, “They are very, very brave for coming out,” adding that while he doesn’t know what can be done until he knows all the facts and is officially sheriff … he does plan to take action. “I do want everyone to know i will be working with, you know our D.A. Mike Hestrin and our current investigators and really even our former investigators that are no longer with us and if there is anything to do on this case it most certainly will be done.”

Bianco said that he would focus on moving the department forward free of the hostile and vendictive environment he and others claim was happening under the current sheriff but he would work to right wrongs done in the past.