Palm Springs adds Wayne Newton to Walk of Stars

Palm Springs adds Wayne Newton to Walk of Stars

Daytona Everett

The Palm Springs Walk of Stars is filled with well-known entertainers, musicians, artists, you name it. The Chamber of Commerce added Mr. Las Vegas on Wednesday to the long list of celebrities.

Wayne Newton, an iconic American singer and entertainer made his way to town for the special ceremony.

“As you start a career, you think ‘okay, I want to do movies, I want to do television, I want to do all these things and all of a sudden the phone call comes one day and says we want to put your name in the Walk of Stars,” Newton said. “That’s not something that anyone truly contemplates, even though it is the most supreme honor that you could get.”

An honor presented by TV and radio host Wink Martindale, a close friend of Newton.

“To me, there was no entertainer on the planet who would ever ever top Al Jolson and then I saw Wayne Newton,” Martindale said in his speech.

The city showed up in droves to catch a glimpse of Mr. Entertainment and witness history in the making at a place Newton cherishes.

“Having worked here [Palm Springs] over the years with Mr. Sinatra, with Mr. Hope, with all those kind of people,” Newton said. “This has just been one of those towns.”

Newton was awarded the star because of his passion for music and fans.

“To stand there on stage and to see them smile, to see them cry at certain songs,” Newton said. “no audience reacts in what they’re taking from a song the same way.”

Newton’s star can be found right next to Elvis Presley’s star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.