911 Isn’t The Only Number You Can Call During Emergencies

911 Isn’t The Only Number You Can Call During Emergencies


There is a helpful resource for wildfire victims that many people simply don’t know about. Many people are familiar with dialing 911, but what about 211? This one is also easy to remember. 211 is a nonprofit organization that works with the county to connect people to any service they need.

This is especially necessary nowadays, given that weather can change in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s a hurricane warning, or evacuation orders, people can soon find themselves in a very dangerous situation, very fast. In fact, two of the three major wildfires continue to burn across California. With the Camp Fire in the north and the Woolsey Fire in the south, firefighting efforts continue to grow.

However, for those seeking help, there’s a nonprofit organization that has your back. Simply dial 211 and you’ll hear the following:

”Thank you for calling 2-1-1 Riverside Country.”

A 211 representative told NBC Palm Springs that people can take advantage of their many resources.

“Just call 211 and provide your zip code, and then we can access resources in your area. That includes water, emergency food, other resource centers that have set up temporarily locally and that can be set up from our database.”

211 helps with the basics, like evacuation information, road closure updates, and evacuation center locations.They can also connect you to other nonprofits and government agencies that can help you with other needs like temporary housing and income assistance. Not to mention, they have a database of over 50,000 services in case you ever find yourself in an emergency.

The organization states it has the most up to date information about fires, and warns that social media doesn’t always get it right, which is why their resources are so helpful. Other services include connecting people to a food pantry, youth children’s services, and counseling. 211 also takes damage reports, so even if you don’t need their help, they want to know about your damage because this helps the county actually know how much federal assistance to ask for.