100 Things To Do In Palm Springs Before You Die



A book written by a local is flying off the shelves, and with good reason. Lydia Kremer tells NBC PAlm SPrings she can hardly believe she is getting paid to do what she loves– to write; but it’s not just any writing. The content of her book highlights 100 things to do before you die within the Coachella Valley.

“One Hundred Things To Do In Palm Springs Before You Die” is the title of her very popular guidebook.

“Indian canyons is my very first suggestion. People should go out and see it because it’s spectacular. The waterfalls, the streets, the oasis. I also love sunnylands. It’s a mid century modern masterpiece that you can tour. It’s a place you can just go and walk the gardens, you can do yoga. Also, the living desert. Wild lights that they do every year, it’s just wonderful. It’s a place I say that it’s kids of all ages because it just brings out that child in you to see all of the christmas magic. And I think the aerial tramway is a really remarkable experience. You leave the desert floor and you rise 6,000 feet in 10 minutes. I mean, that’s really, truly extraordinary. And then, when you get up there, you leave the desert floor and then you are in pine forests.”

So she shared a couple of places that are well-known in the valley, but what about the places that only locals would know about?

“I think the Rancho Mirage Observatory is also a really new attraction and it gives kids perspective on the cosmos and I think everyone should know that we are only  small speck of the world,” Lydia added.

What about those that bring in thousands of spectators from around the world?

“It’s pretty striking how people people flock here from all over the world, but why. Modernism week. To see our architecture.”

So, Lydia has shared anywhere from the biggest attractions, to the unique places that make our valley so desirable, but let’s not forget the biggest attraction of all.

“Let’s not fool ourselves. It’s a glamorous and very sexy place. That’s a big attraction.”


Lydia will have two book signings in Palm Springs. On on December 1st at Destination PSP from 11:00am-1:00pm, and the other will be on December 16th at Just Fabulous from 1:00pm-3:00pm.