Local District About to Roll Out Controversial State Sex Ed Mandate

The California law that mandated sex education curriculum was passed two years ago but some schools are just about to implement the the lesson plans.

Some parents say they don’t remember their sex ed classes covering so many topics.

“I remember going in P.E. for like a 30 second, two minute class, so it was nothing like this,” says Donnie Thompson, who is a parent to a middle school student and lives in Indio. 

Desert Sands Unified School District will roll out their curriculum this school year.

Thompson, like many parents we spoke with said they had not seen the guide, “I’m definitely going to have to do some research so I can’t say anything pro or negative about it but it is shocking that i haven’t seen this before.”

The curriculum will be taught to students starting in seventh grade through high school.

A mother who did not want to give her name says she has read the material and does not like what she sees, “I know when I read through some items in the glossary I found them incredibly disturbing it’s just not for them.”

Proponents of the curriculum say it will give students a strong foundation helping them make more informed choices.

Some of the topics: sexual harassment, human trafficking, sexting, lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and unwanted pregnancy.

Mary Perry, the district’s communications director says there are rumors about some of the topics and the way these issues will be approached, “The administrators and the teachers that will be working on this have really studied it they’ve asked questions, in some cases we’ll bring in experts to participate in the conversations,” adding experts will be brought in for various topics for the students too. 

The district held a meeting on Thursday night at their offices for parents to get acquainted with the material and ask questions. But Perry says they have been sending out letters and other communication to parents and they encourage and welcome questions at any time. 

And while there are some topics parents can choose to opt out of, most of the curriculum is mandated, she says parents will not be left in the dark, “Parents will be fully aware of when that curriculum when that lesson plan will be taking place in their child’s classroom.”

Still this mother would like more options, “I think anything involving any kind of sexual education should be best taught at home.”

For more information about the state mandate including the full guide click here: Sexual Health Education for America’s Youth


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