Big Bear’s Pretty Much a Snowy Wonderland Right Now

Big Bear’s Pretty Much a Snowy Wonderland Right Now

News Staff

It’s become rather popular in recent years to be a bit snide about Southern California and wintertime, specifically about those frosty carols, penned long ago in Hollywood, that suggest snowy scenes. Scenes that, according to many, take place thousands of miles away from good ol’ toasty LA.

Here’s the other side of the argument: Big Bear Mountain Resort, and Snow Summit, and indeed many of Southern California’s high-elevation play places, look as though they could easily appear on the cover of a vintage album full of such snowy carols. The pretty area often looks this way, yes, but, on the first Friday of December 2018, it’s a sparkly setting for a Currier & Ives Christmas card. Thank the most recent storm, on Dec. 6, which delivered about a foot of fresh snow.

Bundle up, sip some cocoa, and scroll through some of the most recent snapshots shared by the resort, all taken on Friday, Dec. 7.

There’s snow in those mountains: On Friday, Dec. 7, Big Bear Mountain Resort shared several snow-laden looks at its most recent snowfall, which immediately followed a few other significant flake-accumulating storms.

The resort is “… digging out from under a foot of fresh snow today,” says a representative.

New terrain will be opening, just in time for the second weekend in December.

The resort says, snowfall-wise, things are “well in front” of last season at this time.

Nine lifts are currently open at Big Bear Mountain Resort and Snow Summit.

Not to mention access to 19 trails.

Will you need chains to head up and play? Best check with Caltrans before starting up, up, up the big hill.

Winter’s off to a gorgeous start at Big Bear Mountain Resort and Snow Summit, two full weeks before the season actually officially arrives.