Underdog Beats Out Mayor Michael Wilson In Race

Underdog Beats Out Mayor Michael Wilson In Race


A contentious race in Indio ends with the underdog on top. NBC Palm Springs spoke to Waymond Fermon’s campaign team couldn’t be happier. Given that it’s been one month since voters cast their ballots for the midterm election both sides have had to wait a while, but today Fermon and his campaign team are celebrating for their hard fought victory. Waymond Fermon has officially defeated Indio Mayor Michael Wilson in the city’s second Council District Election.

“It’s a big weight off our shoulders,” Jon Huerta, the Director of Voter Engagement for the Waymond Campaign, told NBC Palm Springs.

“ I feel like we were confident, we worked really hard. You know, Waymond was walking the streets himself.”

Earlier this year Fermon walked in the Palm Springs Pride Parade. In a Facebook video he can says the following:

“Waymond Fermon is here in Palm Springs at the Pride Parade, walking with Congressman Raul Ruiz and this is my idea of bridging the gap.”

Huerta add that people knew who Waymond was, and people were really engaged with the election because of the candidate’s community involvement.

There is no doubt that this was a nail biter that ended with the underdog on top.

“It was definitely something that kept you at the edge of your chair. You know, there were times where I would refresh the vote info site like every ten seconds.”

In the end, it was clear that the the key to this election was not just the calls, or the mailers, but also the each and every vote. Certainly a victory that Huerta attributes to the help of the community.

“This was a very close race. It was a decisive race and all the change that happened was because of all the work they put in. It wasn’t just our success. It wasn’t just Waymond’s success, but as our Facebook post says, we did it. And it’s not just a picture of Waymond, it’s a picture of everyone. So everyone should feel very proud of it.”

NBC Palm Springs reached out to Indio Mayor Michael Wilson, but has yet to hear back. The last day to petition for a recount will be next Wednesday, December 12th.