MS-13 Gang Member Arrested by El Centro Sector

MS-13 Gang Member Arrested by El Centro Sector

News Staff

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro Station arrested a gang member Wednesday afternoon.

The incident occurred at approximately 12:20 p.m., when agents encountered a man three miles west of the Calexico Port of Entry suspected of being in the United States illegally.

Agents transported the man to the El Centro station for further questioning.  At the station, records checks revealed the man is 24-year-old Hugo Ernesto Minero-Chavez, a citizen of El Salvador who was previously removed from the United States.

During an interview, the man told agents he is a citizen of El Salvador and admitted to being a member of the notorious gang Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).  The man also told agents that in El Salvador he served 20 months in prison for his gang affiliation.

“Our Border Patrol agents regularly encounter and arrest dangerous individuals,” said Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez.  “Arresting these types of criminal aliens bolsters safety and security within our communities.”