Making a difference with the lost trade of sewing

Making a difference with the lost trade of sewing

Claudia Buccio

Emily Dohrman places a piece of cloth in her sewing machine. It is not her first encounter with the trade. This 6th grader from Sacred Heart Catholic School said it was her aunt who taught her initially. However, when she found a sewing elective class at her middle school, she decided to give it a try especially after finding out it was for a good cause.

“I want them to know that it’s not as hard as it seems and the outcome is amazing, and it’s good feeling to know that you are helping,” Dohrman said.

Dohrman is one of the many girls making dresses and dolls to help underprivileged girls. Her 8-week sewing class is creating gifts for “Dress a Girl Around the World,” a social project that is already making a difference one dress at a time. Anne Tufo, is a coordinator and volunteer at Sacred Heart Catholic School.

“Girls leave each term thinking ‘I’ve contributed my love to this child who will receive the dress, and I learned something by doing it,’” Tufo said. “There are about 81 countries involved, most recently our dresses were sent to Nicaragua and the Philippines.”

Renee Dunn is a 7th grader who was cutting yarn for the dolls that accompany the dresses they sew.

“It makes me happy that the girls will get something and a toy they can play with,” Dunn said.

Tufo said they make sure they add a specific label with the organization’s logo to keep the recipients safe.

“We are told [it] acts as a deterrent to human trafficking,” Tufo said. “They know that these girls belong to some organization because of the label.”

Kendall Tan is an 8th grader who joined the class because she wanted to support the class and improve her sewing skills.

“They are all special and they were each made especially for them,” Tan said. “We have them all in our prayers.”

The class made about 25 dresses, which will be distributed at the end of January. Due to the popularity of the class, these students received a $500 donation to help them buy the materials they need for their dresses.