Outdoor Entertainment And Sports Facility Opens In Coachella

Outdoor Entertainment And Sports Facility Opens In Coachella

Vincenzo Marino

Spotlight 29 Casino has opened its new outdoor entertainment and sports venue, hoping to attract athletes and performers from around the region.

The soccer fields are being outlined with chalk and lights are making their way onto the pitch.

“I think the potential is huge for bringing in as many kids from across the valley all the way to Palm Springs and all the way through Coachella,” said soccer parent Jay Harper.

The space is called Coachella Crossroads and is situated near Spotlight 29 Casino. The facility aims at providing a space for outdoor entertainment and sports events. Four local soccer clubs got a chance to test the field on Thursday night.

“First impressions are great, the pitch looks good, grass is phenomenal,” said Harper.

The space can accommodate up to 18 soccer fields and local clubs will get a chance to call the  field home, making it easier for athletes and parents on travel teams.

“I think it will bring more people from the LA area out here as opposed to us always having to drive out there,” Harper said.

There are other added perks too.

“Green grass, wide open area and maybe some of the parents were eyeballing the casino as well,” Harper jokingly said.