Seniors Speak Out About Poor Living Conditions



Imagine welcoming Thanksgiving, with a flooded apartment. This is what happened to Barry Davidoff, who lives in the Vista Serena Co-op Senior Living Facility in Palm Springs. A problem he claims has happened to him not once, but six times, and has yet to be resolved.

“Well the heck with the bed bugs. Take care of the plumbing, that’s more important that your lousy bed bugs. They treat you like your a nothing here. They’ll make a promise, but they don’t keep their promises.”

Promises that, Barry claims, the facility head has made to take care of plumbing issues.

“My sinks have been backed up. This is the sixth time that I have gone through this issue.”

So Barry called management, but they made things worse.

“The maintenance guy comes in with a plunger. Forget about the plunger, you need a professional.”

Claudio Dagostino, whose mother lives in this facility says, he was there when Barry’s apartment flooded.

“Would I want to deal with a plumbing issue for 30 days. Definitely not. I just came in there with a mop because he sounded very desperate.”

So plumbing is an serious issue here, but Claudio also says people have been getting in through the entrance without a key.

“I thought, well that’s weird. How can you go into the gate without a buzz,” said Claudio.

So, naturally you would think that a key-fob would be the only thing that would let you into this gate, but a knitting needle does the trick as well.

“Oh my god. I don’t know who is coming in. If they are going to break down my door. I’m scared,” said Natalina Dagostino, the mother of Claudio.

Security now becoming another issue to add to the list.

“Let me tell you something. We don’t live in the slums here. We all pay rent. We all pay good rent here. We should be treated like tenants here. Not some kind of slobs,” Barry told NBC Palm Springs.

At this point, residents just want to be able to live there without having to worry about their apartment flooding, or strangers getting in to the facility.

“Our Christmas wish is that things become more serious and people have to realize that if things can’t be repaired by one or two times, say with a plunger, you call a plumber,” Claudio added.

We reached out to the senior living facilities management, but they have yet to respond to these allegations.