Cathedral City burglars caught on surveillance cameras

Cathedral City burglars caught on surveillance cameras

Claudia Buccio

Irene Aceves is still in shock after learning that some strangers walked into her property and took some of her belongings around 12:55 pm on December 28, 2018. The thieves were caught on the owner’s surveillance video. She said three men and a woman walked through her gate and roamed around her front and back yard.

“I’ve been here 10 years and never had anybody walked into my house like that,” Aceves said. “Probably because the gate was open they thought, ‘oh let’s go in the gate is open.’”

Aceves said she is happy that no one was home during the robbery, but she is still upset about losing her belongings.

“The AC unit, a bike, and then the stuff that I had in the back and then the pan that I had,” she said. “I cook my chicken there, and I was like okay it’s gone now.”

The surveillance video shows a suspect knocking on her door multiple times, two others playing with a ball and the last one standing near her mailbox. Aceves posted these images on Facebook and got a response from someone she never imagined.

“One of them recognized herself on the Facebook video, so now she is afraid and said ‘please take this off,’ and I’m not because this is not right,” Aceves said.

The family filed a police report Friday evening and are planning to press charges against the suspects.

“They should be punished because it isn’t right,” Aceves said. “They shouldn’t take other people’s property, they should work for a living that’s what we do work hard for our stuff.”

Aceves is asking for the community’s help to identify the burglars to make sure their neighborhood is safe.