Namaste on Track with New Year’s Resolutions

Namaste on Track with New Year’s Resolutions

Daytona Everett

With a new years always comes new resolutions but sticking with them isn’t always easy. Bikram Yoga Plus Coachella Valley is a prime spot for yoga in the valley and said they have some tips for sticking with those resolutions.

“Everybody is rushing into ‘I’m going to be healthy next year and I’m going to lose the weight next year and I’m going to be doing all these things next year and get all the memberships,’” Giselle Meagher said. “What I think people should focus on is what I’m going to commit to.”

Meagher eats, breathes and lives yoga but this year she has a goal of her own that she recommends to everyone: Consistency.

“There needs to be a commitment to yourself in order for that resolution to come through and not be vanishing by the end of March,” Meagher said.

Some of Meagher’s students said they agree the power of consistency can transform a lifestyle.

“It’s very humbling and very empowering,” Marsha White, a student at Bikram Yoga Plus Coachella Valley said.

Plus, getting into the swing of a consistent schedule gets easier with time, White said.

“When I first started doing yoga and it was a couple days a week then it was three days a week, then it was four days a week, then five days a weeks,” White said. “I knew that if I stepped it up a notch, that if I missed a day, so what.”

“Set a goal that is a little bit out of the reach but realistic and then you can stay true to it,” Meagher said.

In conclusion, for 2019, take a deep breath, don’t be afraid to be the “new guy” and check in with yourself, Meagher said.

The yoga studio is expanding from its Palm Desert location to a new studio in downtown Palm Springs at the end of January or early February.