A Local’s Cure for NYE Hangover

Max Rodriguez

From a good night celebration to a possible rude awakening, New Years Eve parties may the catalyst to a rough start of 2019, but locals in the Coachella Valley said there is nothing comfort food will not fix.

The plates were full of Menudo, chilaquiles, and seafood at the Mexicali Cafe in Indio.

Dustin Lorigo was one of the many locals enjoying a late breakfast on the first of the year with family.

Lorigo said he came to the restaurant for one purpose, he said, “It was completely for the hangover and that’s why we are here for the Menudo.”

When a typical person drinks alcohol several things begin to happen inside the body. First, all of the fluid will make people urinate more frequently, which can lead to dehydration. The blood vessels in the body and brain will also begin to expand, all while the body tries to get rid of the toxins.

This combination may lead a person to wake up the next day with a hangover.

The owner of Mexicali Cafe, Jorge Sandez, said he has the cure for the worst hangovers at his restaurant.

He said, “Menudo plate is more famous you know everybody is looking for when they have a hangover.”

Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup made of beef stomach and hominy in a broth of red chili pepper base.

For years it is a popular belief Menudo is the remedy for the severest hangovers, although it still remains conventional wisdom.

Comfort food is not the scientific solution for a hangover, Web MD does recommend pairing food while drinking alcohol as a way to reduce its concentration inside the gut.

Nonetheless, a simple fix to even the worst hangovers is to drink less next time.


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