Local Fallen Firefighter Honored by ‘Memorial Run’

Local Fallen Firefighter Honored by ‘Memorial Run’

Max Rodriguez

A retired lieutenant firefighter now turned truck-driver honors families of fallen firefighters throughout the country all while still carrying out his fulltime job at the same time.

Randall Rogers drives hundreds of miles on a semi-truck for a Missouri company, Certified Express Inc., he said during those drives he got an idea to honor colleagues who died while battling flames.

Rogers said, “I thought somehow we have to remember these guys, you know our communities don’t realize these men and women don’t go to work every day and they don’t always come home.”

Rogers honors the families of fallen firefighters through gold ribbons stamped onto the back of his work semi. One of the honorees on his truck is Garrett Paiz, a local man from the Coachella Valley who died while on duty during the Northern California fires last year.

His sister Cinthia Paiz welcomes the honor, “I can look at his pictures all day long and I’m OK, but when I see his name in print, in memory of Garrett that’s when the emotions just, it makes it real.”

Rogers still delivers goods for sale for the company he works for but every now and then the route leads him to families like the Paiz.

He said, “Garrett being a fellow truck driver as well and fellow firefighter… It was a have to, I had to put Garrett on this truck.”

Garrett’s memory will now travel thousands of miles all over the United States, but for his family, he never left.

Paiz said, “I know he’s still around us but when you see it when you see his name in print it is an emotion I cannot control.”