Deadline Looms for Covered California Health Insurance Plans

Deadline Looms for Covered California Health Insurance Plans

Max Rodriguez

A deadline is coming for those looking for health insurance, Tuesday is the last day to sign-up for health coverage through Covered California also known as Obamacare.

The sign-ups for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act fell for a second year nationwide, all while local health navigators inform about the changes to health care laws, such as the end of a fine for not having health insurance.

Maribel Cumplido is a Health Navigator for Clinicas de Salud Del Pueblo in Coachella. She helps locals understand the process of signing up for health insurance through Covered California.

Cumplido said, “There are four health insurances that they can choose from and each health insurance has four different types of plans.”

Californians who want to be insured through Covered California have until January 15 to enroll unless there are special circumstances.

Cumplido said, “Life qualifying events would be if you recently got married if you had a baby.”

The U.S. Congress enacted the repeal of the tax fine for Americans who remain uninsured as part of President Donald Trump’s dismantling of the Affordable Care Act.

All while the newly elected Governor Gavin Newsom asks to allow a single-payer health care system for California.

Cumplido said, “Covered California is still going, it’s still providing assistance, it’s still giving subsidies, it’s still here, we’re still here.”

Erica Alvarez is a resident of Mecca, she thought Obamacare was gone but heard about the assistance to sign-up from the Clinicas de Salud Del Pueblo.

Alvarez, “There are people here who help you sign-up you only need your name, income, and social security and they do the rest.”

After Tuesday those in the market for health insurance will have to wait until the end of the year to once again sign-up for coverage through the Covered California Exchange. Although people who qualify for Medicare may still apply year round, otherwise, they may seek coverage through a health insurance company directly or through their employer.