Desert Classic Rewards Two Veterans Who Have Done So Much For Our Country

Desert Classic Rewards Two Veterans Who Have Done So Much For Our Country


Today, two hand picked combat-wounded veterans from Colorado were fitted for golf club, just as the Desert Classic kicks off. The Callaway Warrior Club Fitting Program is giving back and rewarding those who have served. Stuart Wertz, one of two Navy veterans who got fitted for a set of personalized golf clubs, says he can’t believe he was chosen.

“I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.”

However, he is. This 20 year veteran and Purple Heart recipient now looks forward to hitting the greens.

“It’s kind of a relaxing thing. It’s nice to get out there and it’s something that isn’t too heavy to think about. You just go out there, you hit, and you enjoy the outdoors,” he added.

Which is something that Shane Mckenzie, a 28 year veteran, and former Seal Team One member agrees with.

“There’s always good energy coming off of that for me when I’m out there playing golf.”

Now, they are going to take their game to the next level with state of the art golf clubs.

“The opportunity to be out here is just…..a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Wertz.

You might be wondering where these clubs are actually going to be made. The Callaway PGA Tour Van is equipped with all the necessary tools to make clubs for professionals, within the hour.

“They’re out here, literally building, grinding, adjusting shaft tunes…altering everything to make sure these guys have what they need,” Chris Montoin, the fitting expert for Callaway Warrior Club Fitting Program, told NBC Palm Springs.

Consequently, all of this attention is something these veterans aren’t use to, but something they came to enjoy as the day went on.

“It means a lot that they are willing to make custom clubs for me that they make for people on the board over there. You know, these stars,” said Wertz, as he look over at the chart displaying the names of professional golfers sponsored by Callaway.

All in all, this was an experience that these veterans will never forget.

“Having the best in the industry work with us for the last few hours, put us in that tailored equipment…it’s been an amazing experience,” added McKenzie.

So in due time, these service members will be enjoying new clubs, back home in Colorado. However, this momentous occasion does not go without remembering their friends and colleagues who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“I’m glad I got chosen. Obviously you know,we had friends that never came back from Iraq, Afghanistan, stuff like that…so shout out to them and their families. Never forget,” said

Both Stuart and Shane will be getting their clubs in approximately eight weeks, and of course at no charge.