Back to Back Storm Wreaks Havoc Across So Cal

Non stop rain is saturating already soaked hills. Water is raging across streets, carrying with it mud, debris and barreling through anything in its path.

The water came so fast through areas in Ventura it caught William Watson off guard who is vacationing in an RV resort, “I woke up to an awful lot of rain and somebody knocking on the RV and somebody telling us to vacate because there’s a lot of water coming in and then before we knew it was all flooded and we really didn’t know what to do.”

Areas left devastated by wildfires are facing more danger.

Cal Fire Captain Fernando Herrera says fire crews and the National Guard are keeping a close eye on the Holy Fire burn area, “Anybody that’s down slope of the holy burn scar area is at risk, we have so much area at risk from the holy burn scar, it covers a 14 mile area that we’re potentially we could have flooding and debris flows, all the way from the Temescal area which is the corona area all the way to the Lake Elsinore area.”

He says most of that area will remain under mandatory evacuations, but even those who are under voluntary orders should take the warning seriously, “Please make sure that you are prepared you evacuate don’t wait until it’s too late because the roads will be impacted you won’t be able to move out of your homes and then that causes a problem because we have to come and rescue you or search for you and the last thing we want is somebody to be hurt or lose their life.”

Ed Hughes who lives near the Holy Fire burn area sums up California’s woes, “Too much all at once, we need a lot of rain but we gotta spread it our a little bit because that’s when we get into trouble.”

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