VIDEO: Man Jumps on Hood of Car and Smashes Windshield in Apparent Road Rage Incident

An apparent road rage incident in Anaheim was caught on video, as a man jumped onto the hood of a car and cracked the windshield with a punch with his bare hands.

To put it mildly, Veneranda Valencia Alvarez is shaken. She can’t help but think what if this road rage had gone any further. It went too far to begin with, she says, mentioning that her two daughters were in the car with her during the attack.

The mother of two asked us not to show her face, worried because the man she says attacked her car–with his bare hands–has not been caught.

Alvarez was driving along State College Boulevard when she says the man in a white Jeep Cherokee cut her off. She does not know what led up to his anger, she says.

A police report filed Tuesday on the incident says it occurred in the 100 block of South State College Boulevard.

She says she rolled down her window and told the man to leave her alone and that she was going to call the police.

Her daughter in the back seat grabbed her cell phone unsure what the man would do next. The video shows a man jumping on the hood of the car and punching and cracking the windshield on the driver’s side of the car.

“It was pretty scary,” Alvarez recalls. “He doesn’t belong out here if he’s aggressive in front of my daughters.”

The hood of her Nissan Cube was dented. The windshield will have to be replaced. Police say the man committed felony vandalism, and they are looking for a man in a white Jeep Cherokee.

Alvarez’s daughter was able to snap a blurry photo of his license plate.

Alvarez says the damage to her car is in the hundreds of dollars, but the damage to her psyche is irreparable.

“It’s scary,” she says. “I fear for my daughter’s life and for her safety, you know? It’s scary.”

According to Alvarez, the man drove to another shopping center, put on glasses and changed to a black shirt in what she thinks is an apparent attempt to hide his identity.

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