Man Drives Away with Tourists’ Puppy

Man Drives Away with Tourists’ Puppy

Max Rodriguez

First-time Palm Springs visitors did not expect to return home without their 10-week-old puppy after it snuck through a hole on a fence of a house they visited and a man drove away with the pet.

It’s been a rough week for Tyler Matteson and his girlfriend, Killa (Key-ah) their Husky-German Sheppard mix puppy was taken.

“She has one blue eye and one brown eye,” Matteson said. “We started putting up flyers and went to the animal shelter they hadn’t seen her.”

The puppy slipped through a whole on a fence at the house they visited in Palm Springs on Mesquite Road.

Chuck Billen lives in the neighborhood and spotted the puppy just a few feet away from where the owners stayed, but he did not know.

Billen said, “I stopped, it went underneath my truck and sit there and then another truck came up next to me.”

He told the man driving the silver truck he would take the puppy to the animal shelter, but the man offered to it, and he insisted.

Billen said, “So I said you are taking him down to the shelter right? and he said yes I’ll do that and so he got the dog in the car and he drove away and I watched him and he kept driving and he never turned around.”

He called Matteson days later and told him what happened after he saw the photo of Killa on a missing pet poster.

Matteson said, “We’ve been devastated, we’ve been here for a week just trying to find her our stolen family member and we’re offering a reward no questions asked.”

He said they contacted the Palm Springs Police Department and they home cameras from Demuth Park or the animal shelter may help them catch a break.

In the meantime, the owners remain hopeful their message will be heard by the right ears.

Matteson said, “We want to be with our little girl Killa, she’s like part of our family so I understand that she’s really cute and I will pay you for a new dog honestly, I don’t have a lot of money but it is important to us.”

Anyone with information may contact Matteson at (949) 524 – 6965.