Students Tackle Kindness Challenge

Students pressed their thumb in paint and left their print on a display at Della S. Lindley Elementary School in Thousand Palms …

“By putting your finger here you’re promising to be kind every single day, okay guys?” says counselor Pam Mathis. 

This school signed up to tackle the “Kindness Challenge”. Students are given tasks focused on kindness.

“I like how they give us this paper and it has like so many good deeds on it and I really am excited of filling that out,” says student Malia Enriquez.

Every act of kindness adds up. The goal is to be a bucket filler.

“To me being a bucket filler is helping someone in need when their sad or they’re not in their best mood,” says Malia.

“Have joy to people and always try to make somebody’s day better than even if, better than it was, even if you are having trouble with your day,” says student Layla Rhodes.

“Give people kindness and just let them be happy and so you can be happy,” says student Jayden Dominguez, adding, never, “be a bucket dipper that means like make someone feel bad or bully them.”

Mathis says the school has been trying to make this part of the culture, “Because of our great emphasis on kindness we really have a much lesser number of incidents will bullying.”

And with that attitude they’ll not only be leaving their thumb print on a wall but their mark on the world.

“Sometimes people are ashamed of the way they look but if you compliment them on their differences then they’ll realize it doesn’t matter the way you look, it just matters how your heart is inside,” says Rhodes. 

You can join in on the fun too: The Great Kindness Challenge .

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