Another Winning Ticket Sold in Palm Springs

Another Winning Ticket Sold in Palm Springs

Kitty Alvarado Connect

There’s a lot of buzz at this Albertson’s on Sunrise Way in Palm Springs.

One of their customers matched all five numbers the California Lotto’s Fantasy Five. The jackpot was over $164,000.00.

And this is not the first time this store has had a winner, in fact, 171 people won here last week alone. So many winning tickets are sold there that it’s on the California lotto’s list of lucky retailers in Palm Springs.

Jack Stelmach, who lives in Palm Springs and often shops at the market says he usually waits until the jackpot is big to take a chance, “When we had the big lotto jackpot last year at the end of last year I actually bought a bunch of tickets, I didn’t win but yeah I play sometimes.”

But for people like Ron Maline, says no amount of money won here is tempting enough to take a chance, “It would just complicate my life if I won a lot of money.” 

But Stelmach says the win over the weekend at this local store may tempt him to play and dream of what he would do if he won that prize, “I would probably use it to buy a house, in somewhere in the area, yeah, maybe give a little bit to my family but i would keep most of it.” 


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