Preliminary Trial of Man Accused of a 30-Year-old Palm Springs Murder

Preliminary Trial of Man Accused of a 30-Year-old Palm Springs Murder

Max Rodriguez

Two witnesses took the stand on the preliminary trial of Anton Kubica, a Canadian man accused of murdering a 78-year-old Palm Springs woman in 1990.

Marie Darling voted in the primaries early morning of June 5, 1990, that was the last day she was seen alive.

The Riverside County District Attorney, Mike Hestrin was the prosecutor representing the state against Kubica who was charged with the murder 2014.

Hestrin said due to the statute of limitations the only charge Kubica faces is murder.

The two witnesses were brought forward by the prosecution, which were retired sheriff’s investigator Carl Carter and Riverside County DA Senior Investigator Ryan Bodmer.

The prosecution uses the financial transactions as evidence to connect Kubica to Darling’s murder, as they admit there is no DNA evidence that connects Kubica to Darling’s murder.

Part of the evidence was a letter and bank transactions before Darling was reported missing. A typed letter signed by Darling was sent to a Swiss bank asking to transfer more than $180,000 in the account into a bank account in Anguilla.

Investigators also said Kubica traveled to Anguilla in May 1990 and personally opened a bank account with the National Bank of Anguilla.

On June 18, 1990, a transfer of the funds was made from Darling’s new account in Anguilla to the account Kubica opened also in Anguilla.

The prosecution also uses Kubica’s home that was in foreclosure as an alleged motive to murder Darling, as the full debt of the house was paid after Darling went missing.

The lawyer for Kubica argues the lack of DNA evidence by the prosecution to link Kubica to the murder. As well as the death of people who may be able to speak on behalf of the defendant such as his wife who passed away in 2010 and was the financial advisor for Darling.

The second part of the preliminary trial continues on February 25.