Local Man Sheds Light On Mike Tyson Before the Fame for T.V. Show

Local Man Sheds Light On Mike Tyson Before the Fame for T.V. Show

Kitty Alvarado Connect

You don’t have to know boxing to know the name Mike Tyson.

Mike Sherman is trying to understand the man behind the legend through the people who knew him before he became a household name.

He brought his T.V. show, ‘Before the Fame‘ him to Palm Springs, to interview someone who goes way back with Tyson, “Donald Metzner, who actually goes all the way back before the fame with Mike Tyson, who was just 17, 18 just a boy in Catskill,  New York,” adding he has a lot of pictures and memories with the heavyweight champ.

Metzner says back then he never imagined he’d be doing a show like this about his friend, “He was a boxer and he was up and coming and we thought he was fantastic but my God, look, you know, look what he became, incredible.”

Metzner likes the coincidence that he just moved to the valley from the East Coast and Tyson is bringing a concert venue, resort and marijuana grow to the desert, “I’m very excited and I see that it’s the talk of the town that he’s, you know, he’s in town, he’s building and he’s doing the festival.”

Metzner thinks the community will embrace Tyson and his venture, “I think people are going to be delighted if anything I think they’ll be surprised in a positive way more than they even realize.”

Sherman says this episode will shine light on a man who’s seen dark times, “Mike Tyson is known to everybody as a fighter, you know as a controversial person but he is really a down to earth individual, sensitive individual.”