Flooded Fairground Will Not Halt Opening Day

Flooded Fairground Will Not Halt Opening Day

Max Rodriguez

The water was everywhere at the fair-grounds in Indio as vendors prepared for the opening day of the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival.

Hugo Ramos is one of the vendors at the fair this year, he works with one of the hot dog stands and he said he is ready to welcome visitors on Friday.

“We are 100% ready for this year,” Ramos said. “This is completely a family event and I think the entire family will enjoy coming out.”

The fair’s manager, Veronica Casper said many of the vendors took advantage of the day before the storm to set up their equipment.

Casper said, “They were here late last night setting up, this morning we’ve had a little bit of a hindrance with some flooding at some part of the ground.”

The rain started before dawn and continued non-stop through the afternoon, the amount of rain caused floods inside the fairgrounds, still, the work continues, rain or shine.

Casper said, “So everybody can come out and enjoy the fair if it’s a little wet and I hope the forecast does not have that they can go inside the different buildings.”

Inside the Taj Mahal building at the fairgrounds, visitors may find a local vendor of dates and information about the desert’s agricultural industry.

However, if visitors do not mind getting a little wet, the fair food and rides will all be waiting to start on Friday, February 15, and on February 21 it will be NBC Palm Springs day at the fair.