#WHATLIFTSYOU Artist Makes Her Mark on the Valley

#WHATLIFTSYOU Artist Makes Her Mark on the Valley

Daytona Everett

Art-lovers and social media fans looking for a great backdrop, listen up! Famous street artist Kelsey Montague, most known for her art trending on social media with the hashtag #WHATLIFTSYOU, is making her print on the valley this weekend.

If you have social media, you’ve most likely seen posts with people posing in front of a pair of detailed angel wings with the famous hashtag. The most notable location is at the Gulch in Nashville. Montague started painting a pair of wings on the Coachella City Hall building on Sunday afternoon.

“I do a lot of interactive art,” Montague said. “It’s always about inspiring people to step into the work, become part of it, have fun, share on social media, have something positive to share with their communities.”

This is the first time the artist will create a pair of angel wings and the first time she’s drawn on a bright yellow wall. The wall is expected to be finished Monday. Montague has already finished three other installations throughout the valley.

-Kissing giraffe head (Gardens of El Paseo, Palm Desert)

-Two palm trees and a swing (Modernism Week)

-Hot air balloon with real basket (Mary Pickford Theatre, Cathedral City)

“Hopefully people will do a scavenger hunt throughout the Coachella Valley and see all four interactive murals,” Montague said.

Montague works alongside her sister Courtney on her projects.


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