Local Parents Join Statewide Protest Against Inclusive Sexual Education Law

Local Parents Join Statewide Protest Against Inclusive Sexual Education Law


Local parents joined a statewide protest against an inclusive sexual education law. This morning, they stood outside of the Desert Sands Unified School District holding signs as cars drove by and honked. All of this over AB-329, a law requiring students to receive sex education that is accurate, age-appropriate and inclusive. However, Jerread Wright, a parent, doesn’t think it’s okay.

“It’s extremely offensive,” he added.

He is so against this law that he decided to pull both of his kids out of school today.

“It’s because I want the district to know that I’m serious and that I want [them] to reconsider this curriculum. I’ve actually read the majority of it and most of the content is thing that me, as an adult, don’t want to see.”

Along with having an updated curriculum, AB-329 also focuses on LGBTQ inclusive education. Part of it teaches students how to use proper pronouns, with the hopes of leading students to a greater understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ youth and families. Something that Georgina Garcia, a parent, understands but feels some of that education should be given at home.

“I agree that my kids should be aware of their physical changes. Changes that have to do with their health, and even their sexuality. But I think these are conversations that they should be having with their parents.”

These topics and conversations are something Jerread believes should not be mandatory.

“They’re required to read it. They’re required to see it. They’re required to consider it.”

Something that Mary Perry, the Public Information Officer for the Desert Sands Unified School District says, is not true.

“Parents have the option of opting out of the program, as well and they can get that information from their principal.”

She also adds, that at the end of the day, this education is all to keep students informed and out of harm’s way.

“We have two goals in education, to keep the children safe, and educate them for the future. And in the case with this curriculum, it does both.”

Something that the schools need the parent’s help to do.

“When it comes to educating our children, we are partners with our parents and our families, to keep the children safe and educate them for the future.”

Which is why, after each lesson, students are given take-home assignments and required to get a parent signature, after they chat about it.


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