Mike Tyson Happy Over KIND Music Festival Success and Ready for More

Mike Tyson Happy Over KIND Music Festival Success and Ready for More

Kitty Alvarado Connect

Thousands attended the KIND Music Festival on Saturday, a Marijuana friendly one day pop up concert. 

It was held on the future site of the Tyson Ranch in Desert Hot Springs.

Mike Tyson, the co founder and president of the property and event says the concert went better than he expected, “It went amazing, I had no idea it would go this well.”

He says over 7500 people attended, and while at first he was skeptical about drawing a large crowd to the middle of the desert he put his faith in the beauty of the natural surroundings coupled with great music, “This is an oasis in the desert people so would love to come here and that’s what happened.”

The concert is on the site of what will become a 412 acre “glamping” (luxury camping) resort and cannabis education and research facility that will also have the world’s biggest lazy river and stadium for concerts.

“And then we will have the wellness center where people can come and they can get a massage, a mud bath and all that stuff, you know the works,” says Tyson.

He envisions his cannabis resort as a place where people can go and relax and get back to their better selves.

He says he remembers when he wasn’t in a good place, “At one time I was unable to get along with anybody, I didn’t have a friend, I was in and out of rehabs, taking drugs, I was in psych wards and taking all of this over the counter medicine … and I was dying.”

He’s invested in the project because of what medicinal marijuana has done for him, “If I didn’t have marijuana, I’d be dead now.”

He says he’s excited about his project and is grateful for the community and all who are supporting his concerts and future resort.

He says this concert is only the beginning of what’s to come for Tyson Ranch, “We will continue to strive and reach the top and be the best in the world at what we do and helping people … and I‘m just so happy and proud of Tyson Ranch.”

Tyson says the next concert is already in the works and will take place in October and hopes to get big acts like Cardi B. and Drake. He says the resort will be complete in about a year to a year and a half.