‘Coahcella Food Truck Park’ Brings Out Local Foodies

‘Coahcella Food Truck Park’ Brings Out Local Foodies

Max Rodriguez

It’s a paradise for foodies, there are hundreds of unique textures and flavors all in one place in the East Valley.

The Coachella Food Truck Park located on Fourth Street near the Veteran’s Memorial Park will host more than 20 food vendors every weekend in March.

Erick Becerril lives in Coachella and had the idea of setting up space where food vendors can start and expand their businesses.

“We have a huge art scene and a huge music scene and we love food and we’re good at cooking it,” Becerril said. “Here was a neglected lot and it wasn’t great until we had our people come in and grade it and our landscapers fixed it up.”

The empty lot now turned into a food-up.

Anthony Rojas is the owner of Taquiza El Rey, one of the street taco vendors starting his business through the event.

Rojas said, “This is my first large event, it’s an opportunity for me to showcase my food  and have people try it, taste it and give me some feedback and see where it goes from there.”

There are several new business start-ups who are using the exposure from the food truck park to engage customers and get feedback on their dishes.

The success of the soft opening of the food truck park has organizer planning a similar concept in other cities of the Coachella Valley.

The official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Coachella Food Truck Park will take place Saturday, March 16 at one in the afternoon, and the event continues every weekend for the rest of the month.