Local Solar CEO says Proposed Cuts to Renewable Energy Won’t Have Lasting Impact

As the Trump administration rolled out their budget proposal, Vincent Battaglia, President and CEO of Renova Solar, says he noticed a trend, “It’s a reprise of every year with this administration, we’ve watched the last two years as they brutally attack everything from the EPA to the Department of Energy where this Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies is.”

In the Budget for a Better America the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy would receive $696 million down from $2.4 billion,  a cut of 70 percent.

Battaglia says in years past he was afraid cuts and lack of government support would affect the industry but he’s seen the opposite effect, “We’ve either doubled in our revenues or at least been in double digits in our revenues and also in our hiring, we’ll go over 180 people this year which is a 15 percent increase so it is not affecting my business at all because the market demands solar and battery storage.” 

He says the renewable energy industry has always faced a fight from fossil fuels and skeptics and continues to grow but he does want to see a national policy when it comes to energy, “I would like to see the same sun setting of incentives or tax breaks that are currently being given to oil companies, to coal companies, those industries need to be treated the same way as renewables have been treated, put them on an even keel.”

While he’s not about government handouts to renewables, he does want to see the support for people, “I hear so much about coal and wanting to bring coal back to areas where the jobs are suffering and it angers me because I have a solution, you can train technicians.”

He says the change from fossil fuels to renewables will continue and doesn’t think this budget proposal will make the cut, “It won’t get through Congress both parties Democrat and Republican support renewables.”

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