‘Le Chien’ Brings Paw-fect Styles to Fashion Week El Paseo

‘Le Chien’ Brings Paw-fect Styles to Fashion Week El Paseo

Max Rodriguez

It was the four-legged models who stole the show with their fur at the annual Le Chien Fashion Show.

The Fashion Week El Paseo ends its first weekend with its signature show, Le Chien Fashion Show this year in benefit of Animal Samaritans and the locals who rely on the organization.

The CEO of Animal Samaritans, Tom Snyder, introduced the runway show where locals and models walked the catwalk along pet dogs.

Snyder said, “This is to raise money for our no-kill shelter, pet adoptions and pet rescue programs and of course the dogs are all on stage in their natural fur coats to remind everybody what it is all about.”

Dogs from Animal Samaritans also walked the catwalk, these were emotional support dogs who are used to people and attention, many of them go to senior centers, schools and colleges for students to play and leave any stress behind.

Besides the dogs, the other star was the fashion.

The runway featured clothing from San Fransico designer, Victor Tung, he said this was his first show where his clothes were modeled next to dogs.

Tung said, “I never follow a fashion trend, I just do whatever I like, and because I heard that it was with a dog, I made it as casual as possible.”

This was the second time Tung shows at Fashion Week El Paseo, and said he enjoys the uniqueness of the shows.

Although the clothing and style were the focus, the annual Le Chien show serves as a small reminder, caring for animals is always in season.

Snyder said, “When you’re looking for a new family member, go to the shelters and take your time make sure it is a good fit and bring home your new family member. “

The Fashion Week El Paseo continues through March 23, follow this link for a complete schedule of events.