Father of Sandy Hook Victim Dead of Apparent Suicide

Father of Sandy Hook Victim Dead of Apparent Suicide

News Staff

The father of one of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre took his own life Monday morning at Edmond Town Hall, in Newtown, according to police.

Emergency crews responded to the building at 45 Main St. that house a theater as well as meetings rooms around 7 a.m. for the report of a suicide.

Paramedics found Jeremy Richman, 49, of Newtown, dead at that location, police said. Authorities said Richman’s death appears to be a suicide. They did not disclose the method or any other details about the death.

Richman was the father of Avielle Richman, a 6-year-old who was among the 20 first-graders and six educators killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.

He was the founder of the Avielle Foundation, an organization created to prevent violence through brain health research and fostering community, according to its Facebook page.

Richman had an office at Edmond Town Hall, according to police.

“This is a heartbreaking event for the Richman Family and the Newtown community as a whole, the police department’s prayers are with the Richman family right now, and we ask that the family be given privacy in this most difficult time,” Lt. Aaron Bahamonde said in a statement.

Richman’s death comes after a second survivor of the Parkland school shooting died of what police called an apparent suicide on Sunday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that suicide is a serious and preventable problem and causes vary. The CDC has resources for prevention strategies here.

If you are in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or reach out to the Crisis Text Line by texting ‘Home’ to 741741.