Mother and Student Claim School Ignored Bullying Warnings Before Violent Incidents

Mother and Student Claim School Ignored Bullying Warnings Before Violent Incidents

Kitty Alvarado Connect

A fight that happened at Desert Hot Springs High School is making the rounds on social media. 

The video shows two girls fighting while other students recorded it on their phones. It gets even more disturbing when the girls fall to the ground and one of the students gets up and stomps on the girl’s head. Fortunately that’s when one student intervened. 

Hennessy Miramontes, 16, a sophomore at DHSHS, she says that’s her friend in the video on the ground but that same student attacked her last week, “She hit me with her fist on the back of the head … I just blacked out and I had to go to the hospital.”

Her mom Margarita says she and her daughter both told school officials about the bullying long before the first fight and the attack on her daughter happened but nothing was done, “It’s been over a month and … I am very upset because the teacher could have prevented it.”

Hennessy is now home schooled and doesn’t want to go back to school, “I was afraid to go to school and I don’t want to go to that school no more.”

Margarita says this shouldn’t happen to any student, “Kids shouldn’t feel that way, kids should be able to love school, want to go to everyday and not worry about being beat up or being called names, especially someone who’s in special ed like my daughter.”

She says she she’s filing a police report about the attack but says adults must step in immediately when bullying happens and take action, “The bullying needs to stop, it really does, before somebody gets hurt, even worse.”

The Palm Springs Unified School District could not comment on camera but sent us this statement: We cannot comment on any individual incidents due to student confidentiality laws. We treat every reported incident seriously, investigate and take appropriate disciplinary actions.