Couple Reunites With Dog Missing One Year

Kitty Alvarado


Valeria Delgado says she and her boyfriend Jesus Lopez were desperate to find their dog Trina that went missing in April of last year in Coachella, “I looked everywhere, I went to the shelter almost three times a week and then it decreased to going to once a month and I completely lost hope so I stopped looking for her, but it was so painful.”

Then last month a Ring doorbell camera captured an image of a dog wandering around the streets of Coachella, the homeowner posted the picture on social media and called the Riverside County Animal Services and an officer picked up the dog and brought it back to their animal campus in Thousand Palms. There the put sat for over a month waiting to be adopted.

She says one her friends saw the Ring picture and told her it might be Trina, “I wanted to believe it was her but i just couldn’t believe it.”

They went down to her shelter, as they walked down the walk lined with dog kennels, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

She says their prayers were answered, “When I finally saw her I just started crying I was so happy.”

The Coachella Valley Animal Campus says stories like these don’t usually have happy endings. While Trina was micro-chipped, the chip was not registered so they had no way of contacting them.

Valeria hopes their story inspires at least one pet owner to micro chip and register their pet, “Because if you don’t and you lose your dog there’s nothing that anybody can do.”

And she’s grateful to everyone who made their happy ending possible, “It’s a miracle! I didn’t think i was going to see her again, I really didn’t.”

These owners were so lucky but could have had an earlier reunion with a registered micro-chip.

According to Petfinder only about 22 percent of lost dogs at animal shelters are reunited with their families. But the rate for micro-chipped registered dogs was over 52 percent, a 238 percent increase.