Parents and Staff Upset Over Beloved Preschool Closing

Parents and Staff Upset Over Beloved Preschool Closing

Kitty Alvarado Connect

Messages on the fence in front of Tikvah Preschool in Palm Desert show the love families have for the little school they trust with their children everyday. 

“This is the only place that we’ve ever found that we feel that we can drop our kids off, walk away from the school gate, and not even worry or have any hesitation that they’re going to be safe and happy because that’s the kind of place Tikvah is,” says Louise Brown. 

Heartbroken parents put them up after receiving an email from the president of Temple Sinai announcing the school will be closing in June.

“It’s devastating, it is,” says Brown.

“At first I was dismayed and really worried about what was going on, it came as a complete shock to me I had no idea that the board was considering a sale or a closure,” says Serena Leiterman.

Brown she says she trusted this school with her eldest daughter and now her youngest attends, she hasn’t told her it’s closing, “No I haven’t and I don’t want to because, it can’t it cannot close we’re not going to let it happen.”

Leiterman also has her second child enrolled at Tikvah, “They refer to it in the email as staff, these people are our families, these are people I trust with my children.”

They say if they could come up with solutions if they knew the reason it was closing but they have been kept in the dark as to why the school is closing as administration at the Temple Sinai has not given them the cause. Some speculate it could be a city issue or a Coachella Valley Water District issue because the land near the street is a CVWD site.

We reached out to Temple Sinai, they did not respond.

We also reached out to the City of Palm Desert, they tell us they have no issues with the property.

Then we called the CVWD to try to get some answers.

CVWD tells us they were not aware the school was closing and while they did have some meter suggestions on the property but it was something minor and nothing that would result in the closing of the school. They say if there’s a misunderstanding they are happy to answer any questions and work with them.

Neither Brown or Leiterman are Jewish, but they feel the Jewish based principals taught here are universal and the community as a whole will lose out when it’s gone.

“They’re teaching our children to go out into the world and make it a better place,” says Leiterman.