‘National Volunteer Week’ Selfless Work Brings Joy to Local Hospital

‘National Volunteer Week’ Selfless Work Brings Joy to Local Hospital

Max Rodriguez

All week-long selfless work is being celebrated through National Volunteer Week.

In Palm Springs it takes about 400 volunteers to keep Desert Regional Medical Center up and running, people from all walks of life who do selfless work.

The hours spent inside the archive room at Desert Regional do not feel like work for Barbara Eves, the tales that lie inside the hospital are her passion.

“This campus has the most unique and rich history and I love telling it,” Eves said. “They could come to the El Mirador Hotel and as Salvador Dali and his wife.”

Eves is fascinated by the evolution that led to what we refer as the local trauma hospital, but once it was the playground for the rich and famous.

Eves was a long-time employee of the hospital, she is now retired but stays busy as a volunteer archiving its history.

She said, “From 1942 to 1945 it was a military hospital so it didn’t function as a regular hotel anymore.”

Eves has a special connection to the military hospital, she was born there while her father was in the military stationed near Palm Springs.

Fast-forward to present day, Eves makes sure the history stays alive.

Down the hall, another volunteer wiggles his tales while bringing joy into every room he enters.

Bruce Pedula and his therapy dog Tucson, make rounds a few times a week in the hospital bringing smiles to patients and employees.

“Sometimes the patient starts to cry because they’re so happy to see the dog,” Pedula said. “He loves to visit everyone and he typically will go into the nurse’s station into even the executive offices here.”

It is work they do at no cost to the patients or hospital. They simply volunteer their time because they know the difference it can make in people’s lives.

The Desert Regional Medical Center volunteer coordinator said they are accepting applications, follow the link to learn more.