Arenas Road Businesses Hold Active Shooter Training

Max Rodriguez

A shooting at a popular Palm Springs nightclub last month is sending local bar owners and employees into preparedness more through an active shooter training at the Arenas business district with the help of the police department.

A shooting at Toucans that left two injured caused a frantic scene inside the club many party-goers have become to fear.

The owner of Blackbook Bar, Dean Lavine, said the incident placed him on alert.

Lavine said, “Any incident will create some sort of fear amongst anybody but it could happen to any of us, it just happened at that location.”

The PSPD Sergeant, Mike Casavan, said last month incident has brought the reality of firearms illegally present in the local nightlife.

“To be mentally prepared and to accept the fact that there’s evil out there and unfortunately you could be in a spot where that happens,” Casavan said. “Prepare to play the what if game, what’s going to happen if I do this or if somebody starts shooting where am I going to go.”

The employees and business owners at the training are usually concerned with meeting the needs of their clients, but those needs are expanding into different roles such as keeping them safe from possible violence.

Lavine said, “In this town, most of the bar owners and restaurant owners have taken active participation in keeping a safe environment what we want to do is maintain that and continue that.”

Casavan said customers can also help prevent incidents such as reporting suspicious activity to employees, knowing the exits of the bar, as well as knowing when to run, hide or fight.

Casavan said, “Also understand the basics of first aid if you know the basics of first aid maybe you can help save a life, save your own, or one of your loved ones.”


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