Festivals End, Renters Stay

Festivals End, Renters Stay

Daytona Everett

For the last three weeks rental homes across the Coachella Valley have been filled with visitors. Some luxury rental homes across the street from the Empire Polo Grounds have brought in about a third of their annual revenue, homeowner Alex Roizen, said.

“Villa Mirage” is one of Roizen’s three luxury rental homes in that neighborhood decorated and designed entirely for festival-goers and vacationers.

“It was fully booked every weekend, no problems, it was a good month,” he said.

Some of the houses are able to hold two dozen people. Plus, with being a quick walk from the Empire Polo Grounds, they tend to be more expensive.

“About $15-thousand to 25, $27-thousand a weekend,” Roizen said about the price of his home during Coachella.

Therefore, the more expensive the home, the higher-end the clientèle. Roizen said this year several festival artists and large corporations stayed at his rentals for the festivals.

In the past, the Coachella Valley has had controversy over rambunctious renters, but Roizen said his upscale homes are the answer to that. The home owners association in his neighborhood supports its homeowners with rental homes.

“Some of the other neighborhoods are very anti-short term rentals,” Roizen said. “It’s just a process of managing it properly to make sure people are here for the right reasons.”

Those reasons are now attracting people to the valley year-round, Roizen said.

“Last year at one of my houses we only had three weekends unbooked throughout the entire year so that means through 120 degree heat, people are paying a decent amount to come out here,” he said.

Roizen’s rentals (Nomad, White Palm Villa, Villa Mirage) are listed on AirBNB and VRBO or you can email him at alexroizen@gmail.com.

Photo courtesy: tripadvisor