Cathedral City Resident Captures Car Totaled by Driver on Video

Cathedral City Resident Captures Car Totaled by Driver on Video

Max Rodriguez

A driver who seems to be speeding down a residential road in Cathedral City crashed into a parked car leaving a family car totaled.

The accident happened close to 8 AM around the time children are walking to the elementary school nearby, that is exactly what Fernanda Vega was doing, she was walking her sister to school when she heard the loud boom in front of her home.

Vega said, “Her car was almost flipped over and my car was really far away from where it was parked.”

At first, she thought the accident was a street over on busy Date Palm Drive, but to her dismay, it was in her front yard and it was her dad’s car.

Vega said, “I thought of my dad because he’s been fixing it a lot because that’s like… his everything.”

The family car is still in disrepair and that is the most upsetting part of the family as they will not be able to take any trips during the summer until the SUV is fixed.

The motion sensor on the family’s security camera was set-off and captured the whole accident.

The family said the woman had a child inside the car.

A neighbor said some parents who drop off students take San Vicente Avenue to avoid busier streets with some drivers speeding over the 25 miles per hour limit.

The family voiced lack of speed bumps on the street as a concern, although Cathedral City residents may submit an application form to the city engineer for study in issues like these, it is the Neighborhood Traffic Control Program.

Vega said, “I just think  like, how did she not have more caution having a kid in the car.”

There were no major injuries as a result of the accident, the family is preparing to enter litigation with the woman behind the wheel to settle the claim in court.

Cathedral Police Update

The police reported from the Cathedral City Police Department said the woman was driving unlicensed and was cited. She told the police officer she suffered a seizure and blacked-out at the time of the crash.