Desert Hot Springs Police Chief Police Chief Resigns Amid Scandal

Desert Hot Springs Police Chief Police Chief Resigns Amid Scandal

News Staff

Desert Hot Springs police Chief Dale Mondary will resign Friday amid allegations of inappropriate use of social media contact with an unnamed woman.

Mondary sent a letter of resignation Tuesday to City Manager Chuck Maynard with the City Council unanimously approving the terms of resignation, officials announced early Friday morning at a special press conference.

Terms included $81,182.23 in exit pay, equivalent to six months of Mondary’s salary, according to the Desert Sun. DHS spokeswoman Doria Wilms told reporters that officials felt the amount was “fair and equitable” considering Mondary’s past contributions to public safety.

“My decision is in light of the recent revelation of a series of consensual private text messages I participated in one evening with an adult female two years ago,” Mondary said in his resignation letter. “Although I consider this a personal matter and wish it could have been handled privately, I recognize this situation has caused great harm and embarrassment to my family, the department, and the community of Desert Hot Springs.”

He added, “My priority at this time is to heal my relationship with my wife Danette and my children.”

In April Mondary was put on paid administrative leave, which was described at the time as an undisclosed “personnel matter,” followed by an investigation.

Wilms said last month that this was first complaint against Mondary in his four-year term as chief. She also said Maynard authorized Mondary’s leave, as well as the investigation, which was handled by a private law firm.

Mondary’s resignation will take effect at 6 p.m. with Deputy Chief Jim Henson continuing in the role of acting chief.