96-Year-Old Volunteer Cross Guard Honored by Community

96-Year-Old Volunteer Cross Guard Honored by Community

Max Rodriguez

Jack Schreckengost, a 96-year-old Palm Springs volunteer cross guard has sat under the same tree on the corner of Victoria Park for more than 30 years, he is now awarded by the community.

He constantly checks his watch as he counts down the time for school to let out.

Schreckengost said, “Oh they’re late, the school’s out!”

He’s out each morning and afternoon waiting to help students and parents from Vista Monte Elementary School cross the street.

Schreckengost said, “Meeting the people, meeting the children and when they come up some of them roll the window and say, ‘Hi Jack!’, and they wave, well that’s nice, I just like it.”

It is no surprise he enjoys his retirement meeting people as a volunteer crossing guard, before calling Palm Spring home in the late 80’s he was a milk delivery man, stopping home by home in Torrance.

“I really don’t call this a job, I call this a position,” Schreckengost said. “Crossing guards that I knew, and they joined after me and they die, and I’m still here.”

It is a position the community appreciates as the City of Palm Springs and the Palm Springs Unified School District will honor the 96-year-old resident for his dedication.

If it was up to Schreckengost, he will celebrate his 100 birthday in the very same spot he has sat for the past 30 years, and people from the community support him on the idea.

He said, “Every year they talk to me and say, ‘now remember you told us you were going to be here for your 100th birthday, we want to see, we will come to see you’,”.


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