Desert Hot Springs Police Worked Fast to Get Armed Carjackers off Streets

Desert Hot Springs Police Worked Fast to Get Armed Carjackers off Streets

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Desert Hot Springs crime scene investigator Sherman dusts pizza bags and this car he says was one of two carjacked at gunpoint from pizza delivery drivers last week.

He says he has a lot to work with, “I’m finding a lot of physical evidence, it’s going to be very helpful to this case.”

Police Chief Jim Henson says their officers spotted the stolen car that led them to the suspects responsible for both carjackings and that helped detectives quickly identify two 19-year-old and two 16-year-old suspects, “And they were able to locate all of the suspects they were looking for as well as the handgun in the car.”

Henson says these armed carjackings could have been deadly, “Anything could have gone wrong, luckily the pizza delivery drivers were cooperative and didn’t fight back because ultimately it could have been horrendous.”

One driver worked for Dominos, the other for Pizza Hut.

Henson says anyone willing to pull a gun and rob someone just trying to earn a living shouldn’t be on the streets, “And to be put in that spot and be placed at gun point and their cars taken over them just trying to work isn’t acceptable.”

He says that’s why his officers and the Riverside County Gang Impact Team worked quickly because while these two carjackings didn’t end in bloodshed, they couldn’t take a chance on a next time, “This was a crime, that obviously they would step up at some point.”

He says those willing to commit crime in Desert Hot Springs don’t stand a chance, “Stay away from Desert Hot Springs. If you’re going to commit a crime it Desert Hot Springs we’re going to track you down.”