Koi Reportedly Dying Desert Princess Country Club

Koi Reportedly Dying Desert Princess Country Club


Michele Taylor is an animal lover that cannot stand to see abuse, of any kid, toward them. Thus, she was enraged when she found out Koi were allegedly dying inside of the Princess Country Club, and nobody seemed to be doing anything about it.

“The Koi who are about 10 years old, you know, were gasping for air and dying. They were burning up in the low amount of water in the lake,” said Michele.

In fact, she claims that when she went over there, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“It was heartbreaking. The 70 to 80 Koi fish I counted were all dying, but mostly dead.”

Furthermore, she says the Koi weren’t the only ones who seemed to be facing a death trap.

“The only life that was still evident there was the mama duck and the babies still trying to get out of the lake,” Michele added.

NBC Palm Springs went to Desert Princess and saw employees draining out water from one lake, and pumping it into the neighboring one. A huge net could also be seen, but only one Koi and barely any water was in the lake being drained.

“To let them suffocate and burn up in the lake is unconscionable and somebody needs to be responsible for this.”

Employees from the country club told NBC Palm Springs the lake was being drained because of cracked lining that needed to be repaired. Thus, they were allegedly relocating the Koi to another lake in the meantime.

“Why would they do this in the middle of summer?” asked Michele.

One of many questions NBC Palm Springs asked the Desert Princess’ superintendent and general manager. However, neither was available to comment on these claims.

“We are the voice of these animals and we have to protect them.”

A voice Michele plans on using until she finally gets some answers.

It should be noted that NBC Palm Springs reached out to Desert Princess Country Club for two consecutive days, but have yet to hear back.