Family Loses Dog and Home in Devastating Fire

Family Loses Dog and Home in Devastating Fire


A loss of life and a loss for words. That is what the fire in Palm Springs has left, after nearly destroying the home on Canon Drive, and taking the family’s most prized possession with it.

“I’m telling you. I am still incredulous of how fast that fire picked up.”

Owen Fox is still in shock that the home he grew up in, is gone.

“It was incredible how fast…I had a major fire going in a matter of minutes and it was above the roof.”

Owen tells NBC Palm Springs, when he started his Porsche in the morning, something immediately felt off.”

“Before I got out, smoke started to fill the cabin, so then I got out real quick and started opening up the doors in the garage so that it would dissipate. The smoke.”

Then, he forgot about it and went to go check the mail.

“And my neighbor was outside and she said ‘your car is on fire! Go get the fire extinguisher.”

Melanie Mikulic, Owen’s neighbor, says shortly after she heard many loud sounds that startled them both.

“There were quite a few explosions. Just like a firecracker and I made sure Mr. Fox was out of the way.”

So, the flames spread quickly, causing significant damage to the home, but the homeowner and his daughter say their biggest loss was their 12 year-old dog. First responders brought out the mask and did everything they could to save him but, just like the house, he too was gone.

“It’s a loss and it’s a trauma for all those involved,” added Mikulic.

For now, Owen and his daughter Elizabeth are left with the shell of two cars, and a void in their hearts.

“Nothing ike that has ever happened to me personally before. Yeah [I am] really shaken up.”

Officials say the home sustained significant damage. One firefighter sustained second degree burns and was taken to Desert Regional Hospital for evaluation.

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