New Jersey Couple Weds in Hospital 30 Seconds Before Baby Is Born

New Jersey Couple Weds in Hospital 30 Seconds Before Baby Is Born

News Staff

A New Jersey couple experienced two heartwarming milestones in the span of mere seconds last month.

Michael Gallardo and Marie Margaritondo, of Westfield, were awaiting the arrival of their first son while planning their intimate wedding which was initially set to take place weeks before their baby’s birth.

But their baby had other plans in mind.

After her water broke three weeks early, Marie was rushed to Morristown Medical Center.

Not wanting to list Gallardo as “fiancé” on the baby’s birth certificate, the couple asked the staff if there was a way they could get married at the hospital since they already had their marriage license.

“Everyone was incredible,” said Gallardo. “The nurses were scrambling—one was trying to get ordained online, one went outside and picked flowers for a bouquet, others were monitoring Marie and the baby’s vitals.”

In the end, a chaplain who was on-call at the hospital came to the rescue and performed the wedding ceremony.

“They were like angels—meant to be there,” Gallardo said.

“It was like a real ceremony. Our moms were there. We had flowers. We exchanged vows. It was beautiful,” he said.

“Less than a minute” after Michael kissed his bride, she was rushed into the operating room for a C-section.

Michael Preston Gallardo was born on Memorial Day to his two newlywed parents.

“We could not be more blessed and more grateful,” Margaritondo said. “I can’t believe this is our story.”