Sports and Entertainment Arena Sparking Excitement in Palm Springs

Sports and Entertainment Arena Sparking Excitement in Palm Springs

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Cold margaritas are served up on the regular at the new El Patron in Downtown Palm Springs, but Gerard Noonan managing partner of this taco and tequila bar says everyone’s still buzzing from the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians‘ announcement of a state of the art sports and entertainment arena that will be built just blocks from here. 

“Fabulous, it’s brilliant, it’s actually exactly what we needed I was born and raised here three generations,” says Noonan. 

He says this will make year round business in a seasonal place a reality, “Everyone’s been saying well we’re a little bit more year round … I think every business in this area is going to be thankful for this.”

Palm Springs City council member J.R. Roberts agrees and sees a big economic boost, “It’s going to mean lots of jobs and lots more business for our great downtown merchants,” adding the city has a lot of work to do to get ready, “The first thing is we have to sit down with the police and fire departments, we have to make sure when we gather that many people in one place that we can keep them safe so that’s just going to be part of major infrastructure changes that will be required I‘m sure our streets will have to be looked at, different access will have to be looked at as you mentioned, obviously this will all come together when we see the plans.”

Roberts and Mary Jo Ginther with the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism say it will all be worth it, first bringing in more tourist dollars

“You have all these different things that are bringing their own audiences into your city and of course all of those people will all stay and dine and shop and do all of those things in Palm Springs so it’s really kind of a synergy,” says Mary Jo.

And money from people who live here like the Isaacson family who already can’t wait to visit.

“We’re going to make a lot of new fun memories … we always had to travel two hours to go to like a sporting event or any show or anything and now we can have it right here in our backyard, I think it’s awesome,”