Lunch Program Helping Seniors Stay Connected

Kitty Alvarado Connect


“Let’s Do Lunch” is a big hit at the Cathedral City Senior Center.

“I think it’s an amazing event it’s just so uplifting and the music is great,” says Sharon Alves Perry, a volunteer at the center. 

The concept is simple: get home-bound isolated seniors out to socialize so they stay active. 

And while on this day they have live entertainment, activities run the gamut.

Lecture or entertainment, or art, we do a lot of art some of the sites we even have a spa day where we go and have a partnership with one of the local beauty schools … we also do quarterly geriatric depression screenings,” says Julie Hirsh, the community outreach manager of the Jewish Family Service of the Desert, who puts on the program.

Feeling connected is important to stay healthy. Studies show more than 40 percent of seniors experience loneliness and that increases mortality by 26 percent. That’s why programs like these are important. 

Volunteers say it’s rewarding for them too.

“Most of the people that come they enjoy what they’re doing for the other people of the community and being with other senior citizens and getting them out of their homes and apartments.” says Perry. 

Six sites across the valley participate in the free program, so there’s no reason for anyone to lunch alone.

For more information you can email or call: (760) 325-4088