Godzilla of Carmageddon Coming to 60 Freeway

Godzilla of Carmageddon Coming to 60 Freeway

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Starting tonight, July 26, 2019, Caltrans will begin repaving and repairing a 12 mile stretch of the 60 Freeway.

“This facility is over 60 years old and we’ve been keeping Band-Aids on it for many years,” says Terri Kasinga, the chief public and media affairs officer for Caltrans District 8.

The official name of the project is the “60 Swarm” but it already has a nickname telling of what’s to come.

“We’re calling it kind of the Godzilla of “Carmageddon” and “Coronageddon”,” she says because those closures were one weekend but this one will go on for 15 weekends in a row. 

The 60 Freeway will be closed between the I 15 in Ontario to the 91 and 215 Interchange in Riverside will be shut down every Friday at 10 p.m. Through Monday at 5 a.m., first there will be a full closure of the eastbound lanes for 8 weekends, then the westbound for seven weeks.

“What that does is allow the contractor to get more work done in a shorter time period … so they’re getting over a mile done on the weekend rather than just 50 yard on a weeknight,” says Kasinga.

She says it’s best to avoid the area all together but if you must travel to the la area you should stay on the 10 Freeway or 210 Freeway, “The traffic volumes might be a little bit heavier on the 10 because of the detour but once you get past the 15 west of that it should be better.”

She says first responder times will not be affected because they will have a special lane open for them at all times.

Officer Jesus Garcia with the California Highway Patrol says the speed limit will be 55 miles per hour as you near the construction zones and if you’re caught speeding or breaking the rules in the zone you’ll be fined double, “We want people to get home safe and hopefully this will help them pay more attention and be more aware of what they’re doing when they’re driving.”

Seventy one million of the $135 million dollar project will be paid for by the gas tax.

“That’s allowing us to make these repairs and expedite these repairs that needed to be done so for a little bit of pain in the long run it’s going to be a gain for everyone,” says Kasinga.


For more information click: 60 SWARM


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